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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Where'd she go??

Someone sent me an e-mail asking if Riley had died. The person was concerned because I had not posted in quite a while. The answer is – NO Riley is not dead. He is still the Immortal Alcoholic.

The reality of life is that sometimes we get caught up in whatever it is that’s going on and we forget, or we put on the back burner, about the rest of our lives. I’ve been spending so much time on taking care of Riley that I had not stopped to do things that I love to do. One of those things is writing posts on the blog. Life happens. Priorities shift by necessity. That’s the way things go.

I can’t tell you that a break will not happen again. It definitely WILL happen again. No one person can constantly be immersed in alcoholism and not need a break. Sometimes it happens by design and other times it happens inadvertently. Again, it’s called life.

There are exciting things happening ahead. Keep coming here and find out what is new.


Unknown said...

My dad is an alcoholic. My husband said he's never seen or heard of anything like what my dad is. My dad drinks beer. He doesn't have a normal sleep/wake pattern. He naps several times a day and at night. In between the naps he drinks beer. Mom says its common for him to up at 2 am drinking beer. Im sure its the DT's that keep him up....Lately, he's added whiskey. If he doesn't have any booze, he drinks mom's wine. He isn't use to it. So he falls. He called mom at work a few months ago and let her know he fell and got blood all over the new carpet and "please don't be mad". Mom is terrified to come home to my dad being dead.
Lately, mom said he's been waking up in the middle of the night, violently ill. She said last night she thought he was dying because of the noises he was making...gasping for air. He also smokes three packs of cigarettes a day. Although he recently quit smoking, it's been 4 days. I don't see him too often because I don't want to expose my children to it. He smells like he's rotting from thr inside. I know he has accidents but refuses to wear a diaper. He drives himself to the store and I know he has stains on the back of his pants. Even though he is mean to me, it still makes me sad. When I do see him I'm not close enough to see the whites of his eyes or any marks on his skin. I can't see well and wear glasses, which I don't wear them unless I drive. I just wonder, with all of his symptoms I know of and the many I don't, how much longer he is going to live? I estimate him to drink a minimum of a thirty pack of beer a day, every day for the past 9 years. I'm not sure about the whiskey. Or the wine. I wonder how I will feel when he's gone? Because of how mean he is to me. The things he's said. The threats he's said. The names he's called me..my poor mother has to live with him. She's like you. His caretaker. She says "it's my cross to bare". I only wish him to be free from pain. And I know he is mentalland physically in pain. And my mother...it's just so sad. What's worse is how helpless I feel. She calls me crying begging me for help. But what am I supposed to do when he doesn't want it?

Chauncey Davis said...

As always, spectacular post. I hope you are hanging in there.
Much luck to "Unknown" and her mother.