Monday, October 25, 2010

12 Rules for Living My Life

1.                   Make your own happiness… you’re the only one responsible for it;
2.                   If a door shuts… learn to pick locks so you can open another;
3.                   If someone is rude… kill them with kindness;
4.                   Take care of your health… so you don’t create an unexpected loss;
5.                   Plan for the future or the end… relieve loved ones of wondering what you want;
6.                   Do the best you can with what you have… even if it’s not much;
7.                   If someone hurts you… find a way to get even – in a classy lady-like way, of course;
8.                   Life is short… tell your family and friends you love them as often as possible because there may not be a tomorrow;
9.                   Respect your elders… they hold wisdom;
10.               Protect and direct the youngsters… growing up is hard work;
11.               Ask for what you want… those who don’t ask don’t get;
12.               Accept others for what and who they are in spite of differences… I don’t have to love everything about what you do to love you.

All rules are subject to change without notice…


roxanne said...

Ha Ha I like the part about changing with no notice!

Allyson Hinds said...

I am the best friend of a last stage alcoholic. She goes on rants when she relapses. Her sisters have cut off communication. Her boyfriend of several years left her this weekend.
She doesn't have anyone left. She's stuck with friends she barely knows that don't have the best intentions toward her. I don't know what is the healthiest role for me to have in her life.
I wonder if she'll ever be able to have her old life back. She smells like liquor all the time. Her skin hangs from her. My child mind doesn't understand what is going on. My adult mind says she won't stop till this kills her.
Reading your blog is therapy for me this morning. It doesn't make any sense. Its too complicated to sort out. Maybe I'll start cleaning the house.
Thank you so much for sorting this out for those of us who can't. I'm a lifelong fan of yours, Linda!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. After reading it I don't feel so alone and realise that others have similar feelings, that in itself is extremly supportive. My husband has liver failure but can not stop drinking. It's sad to see an intelligent man destroy himself.

Anonymous said...

My husband was my best friend even until now. I still love him and miss him terribly. I somehow feel as if I have failed him. Thank you for your blog. In reality I have to say goodbye to my best friend of 23years.

I have 12 good reasons to keep my head up and take care of myself and my 2 teenagers. For my teens, I thank him and I will be here for him until the end. Thats the only thing that can do.