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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhood…

It’s a rare day when I can convince Riley to do anything social. I usually have to disguise leaving the house as a necessary chore. Once we are out in the world, it isn’t always an easy step to get him interested in doing something a little social or outside the box of planned activities. But there are times when he is agreeable.
Such was the case last Sunday when we headed out to a big box hardware store to pick up a few things. He was very helpful in gathering the items and didn’t complain too much about how much was in the cart. He even suggested that he needed a ball cap that had two headlights in the visor. He was laughing about the ball cap and truly seemed to be enjoying himself.
It was nice to have him in the present and actively partaking in an activity. I loved seeing him having fun when there was no alcohol involvement.
After we completed the shopping, I suggested we go to breakfast at one of the local pancake houses. To my surprise, he was actually in agreement with the suggestion.
Riley was in one of his a rare conversational mood. There didn’t seem to be a lot of brain damage going on and I was able to follow most of what he was talking about. Again, he was laughing and joking over the menu and anything else that struck his fancy.
After breakfast we stopped at a grocery store that we had never shopped in before. It had a huge variety of different grocery items that I had had difficulty finding in the other stores that were closer to our house. We were like kids in a candy store only we were excited about finding rye flour and juniper berries. He noticed the extensive deli that was next to the elaborate wine section.
On the way home, I thought to myself… this day matched this morning’s sunrise.

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