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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reference and shocking images...

The website that gave me the "four year" statistic was www.alcohol-drug.com/neuropsych.htm. For clarification, blood flow starts increasing immediately after the drinking ceases, but it takes approximately four years to regain FULL blood flow activity. With out the correct supply of blood to the brain, the brain cannot function properly. It's frustrating for the non-alcoholic, but probably even more frustrating for the alcoholic.

I also found a site that has some shocking scan images of the brain after excessive use of cofee, nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana versus a normal brain. It has made me think seriously about cutting back on my coffee consumption. My average is 3 cups a day -- maybe I should keep it to only one. The link is http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1177258/Are-wrecking-brain-Chilling-pictures-reveal-shocking-effects-alcohol-cigarettes-caffeine-mind.html


Syd said...

Alcoholism seems to do a lot of emotional and anatomical stunting. I only drink decaf now. I was getting heart palpatations from full strength coffee.

Cadan Henry said...

it is interesting about the return of proper blood flow after almost four years. and i have been warning friends and family about excessive caffeine for a long time too. it certainly would be good to look into it further.


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