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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good but not great...

My first in a series of presentations was held on Friday evening. The topic was whether or not to “Leave or Stay” with the alcoholic. It was general in nature as to the entire world of alcoholism rather than focusing on just end-stage alcoholism. I think it was too much information – too broad of a subject. I felt I came off as a bit speech-y rather than as a true presentation. I was unsure of what equipment would be available, so I had no slide show or anything fancy. It was just me. And I can get a bit – well – boring.

But, although the attendance was small and one attendee nodded off, I think everyone took something away that they had not heard before. I know everyone related. That was good.

Hey, it was my first attempt at reaching outside my self into the public eye. It was a baby step… next time it will be more of a giant leap. It may not have been a resounding success, but it was a success. I am thankful for that.

I have visions of grandeur for my next presentation which will focus entirely on end-stage. I’m planning a slide show depicting the journey of alcohol as it travels through the body; a tidbit from a doctor (in person or via Skype or pre-recorded --- any volunteers?) about illnesses related to alcoholism; and I’m not sure what else… but it will be spectacular. Did I ever mention that I’m an over-achiever who takes bites larger than a python can swallow?? Oh well, I have to have SOMETHING to reach for that is outside my comfort zone.

The food was wonderful – even if I do say so myself since it was all created by me. I included the recipes in the handout – and the handout was well received. Since cooking is something I do to distract myself from the chaos around me. I thought it would be nice to share some of my creations. All my food is from recipes handed down through my family and friends. I also use recipes I find on cooking shows and on-line, then I revamp and revise them to suit my own tastes. I’m thinking about publishing a cookbook – but that’s a ways in the future. How about a title of “Cooking the Chaos”? Maybe not – send me your suggestions.

I’ve posted the Cliff Notes version of the presentation as a page titled “Leave or Stay”.

Sunday is my usual posting day. But, today I’m just going to leave you with this and the new page. Things are quiet in Riley World today and I’m going to enjoy the peace while it exists.

Have a beautiful day…

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Syd said...

I thank you for providing the information. I have not had any direct experience with end stage alcoholism. You give me a vivid picture, and it is not only sad but terrible.