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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Upgrading the rules...

I used to have 12 Rules for Living My Life. But, as I have been writing and learning and listening, I realize that 12 is just not enough. I've upgraded my 12 to 21. Maybe that's too many, but I don't see any on the list that I would want to eliminate. So.... here's the newly revised list:

21 Rules for Living My Life

1.                Make your own happiness… you’re the only one responsible for it;

2.                If a door shuts… learn to pick locks so you can open another;

3.                If someone is rude… kill them with kindness;
4.                Take care of your health… so you don’t create an unexpected loss;
5.                Do it yourselfdon’t depend on others to fix your life – they have their own to fix;
6.                Plan for the future or the end… relieve loved ones of the heavy burden of wondering what you want;
7.                Learn tact and diplomacy… tell the truth but choose your words carefully;
8.                Value your friends… if you don’t, who will bail you out of jail?
9.                Value your family… they may not bail you out of jail, but they will love you in spite of your indiscretions;
10.            Do the best you can with what you have… even if it’s not much;
11.            If someone hurts you… find a way to get even – in a classy lady-like way, of course;
12.            Life is short… tell your family and friends you love them as often as possible because there may not be a tomorrow;
13.            Respect your elders… they hold wisdom;
14.            Protect and direct the youngsters… growing up is hard work;
15.            Do not deny anger… channel that energy into a productive endeavor;
16.            Never engage or promote physical violence… no one ever learned anything good from a beating;
17.            Have realistic expectationsexpect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed;
18.            Ask for what you want… those who don’t ask don’t get;
19.            Share your knowledgehelping others is the only true way to make order out of chaos.
20.            Accept others for what and who they are in spite of differences… I don’t have to love everything about what you do to love you.
21.            Do unto others… as you would have them do unto you;

All rules are subject to change without notice…


Syd said...

Good stuff, Linda.

Gabriele Goldstone said...

They're all good. My favs are the first and last.

I have the 'four agreements' posted near my phone.
basic overview:

1. don't take things personally
2. be impeccable with your words.
3. always do your best
4. never make assumptions.

LOVE your blog!