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Saturday, January 28, 2012

OARS and My Route to Help Forum...

OARS F&F Group on Facebook is a private page devoted to providing support to caretakers of end-stage alcoholics. We hold a weekly meeting at 7 p.m. EST every Thursday. This is an active group and there is almost always someone on line for whenever you feel a need to vent. You don't have to wait for the meeting to talk to someone.

You will only find support here. You will not be judged or ridiculed or criticized in any manner. What you will find here is a listening ear. What you write is private so only members will be able to read what you are writing. I delete posts and comments when requested and try to keep the page clean.

To join the OARS F&F Group go to Facebook. Then to the OARS F&F group page and request permission to join the group. I’ll accept your request as soon as possible. Next find the post from Wednesday (1/25/2012) at 4:58 pm and enter the area where you reside. You don’t have to be specific just give me a general idea. Then post a brief description of your situation. You will be welcomed by the members and ready to vent away – or ask for advice or opinions. Just know that we are all in the same boat and we are each our own lifesavers.


I was contacted by Ash Davidson who has a site dedicated to recovery from all substance abuse issues. He started this site about 7 months ago and also volunteers as a substance abuse worker. Ash has asked me to post in his forum on his site.

I checked it out and have agreed to post in the forum. I will also be writing an article that will appear on the site. The forum is a good place to give your opinion or offer input on the topics already in progress. If you want, you can start your own topic.

We all know that end-stage caretaking can generate hostility as it did on a forum site that I will not name. This is a chance for us to get some attention concerning our needs without the hostility shown to us in the past. On this site we can advocate for better communication with the medical professionals, the need for hospice, insurance coverage for family programs, etc. We are an under-recognized group and it’s time we made our voice heard.

Please join me on My Route To Help (http://www.myroutetohelp.com/) – and speak up!!


jo said...

i wish you and him much luck. :)

Ash said...

Thank you for the mention of my forum and website it means alot!


Bev said...

Linda, do we have to register on this site to see the article you posted?