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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

E-Book and Webinar

My book, The Immortal Alcoholic’s Wife, is now out on Kindle, Nook, Sony, IPad, and many other e-book formats. This is an extremely personal book which gives an in-depth look at my life from childhood to the present. The family stories show how I was groomed to be a caretaker from an early age. It is the story of my life.
Mixed in with the stories, both heart-breaking and humorous, there is a lot of useful information written in a language the language of a regular person. You won’t have to have any medical training to understand the explanations of alcohol related complications.
Anyone with an alcoholic in their life will benefit from reading this book. Alcoholics will get a glimpse of what it is like to be on the other side of the bottle.

Get your copy today from Smashwords:



I have contributed information for an upcoming webinar that may be of interest to many of my followers. I’ll be participating in the program and my readers have been invited to join. I hope that many of you decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

INTERVENE – An Emergency Guide to Heavy Drinking and Alcoholism
Starting February 24th at 5:30 pm PST, the duration will be about one and half hours.

This is an 11-week, in-depth webinar which will answer questions such as:
What’s an average amount of drinking? How much is too much? How will I know if my friend or loved one needs help? Who do I go to? Why can’t alcoholics exercise just a little bit of disciple? Why can’t they stop?

The cost of the webinar is $50 which is a giant savings considering that it will be $279 when it is rolled out to the general public.
For more information about the webinar creator and details of the program, please visit:


Kathryn said...

I got my book on the first offering, Linda good luck with the e-versions! Thanks, too, for the taupe/black/white/blue color scheme on the page, it's much easier on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

I tried to buy your book today on my sony reader, but it is not listed. Do I have to buy it from Smashworks? I have been looking forward to it for some time now and am deeply disappointed that I can't get it.

Immortal Alcoholic's Wife said...

If you follow the link to Smashwords, you will be able to buy the book in your Sony format. I hope you enjoy. Let me know via e-mail if you keep having problems.

Monica Sam said...

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kris Lau said...

aft I am planning to look for ebook regaring alcohol rehab centers treatment programs. But I guess I got so much interested with you book. Planning to have one actually.

Anonymous said...

WOW, getting way too corporate for me...Riley is forgotten. Good luck. I think your appeal was your real ness and now you are not real, you are fundraising. How disappointing. But it is what it is and all good things seem to go to the bottom line,. Best of luck. By the way, How is Riley?? Remember him?

Kathryn said...

Anonymous, you sure sound angry. Riley forgotton? Hardly, did you read the part about how he isn't drinking and so has stabilized? Linda has described their lives in full detail, and issues updates when things change, which isn't so often now.
"Good luck" and "best of luck"? Sarcastic and mean. "All good things seem to go to the bottom line"? Come on, you never thought this was a good thing, you've been picking on Linda for a while now.
It's easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet; bit of a bully, aren't you?

Bev said...

Just wanted to pass this information along to kris Lau who made a comment through Google Plus about looking for a book about Alcohol Rehab Centers. Look for Anne M. Fletcher's book Inside Rehab. Inside Rehab will give you the information you need so you can find the help you want.

Anonymous said...

sounds like anonymousWOW is an alcoholic