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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I speak!

Turn into www.RMCOnAir.com at 3:45 PM PST (that's 6:45 for the east coasters) to hear the Care for Kids Program founder Dr. Gloria Montgomery when she interviews The Immortal Alcoholic's Wife.

Just go to that web address and click on the "listen" button at the designated time and you're there. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

I am completely convinced that my ex husband is an insane alcoholic and also a true psychopath. My knight “in shining tin foil”…That the best I have heard so far. LOL. I am focusing on behavior and then ask myself “Who does That?” A psychopath of course. Read a book called The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley, M.D. Now it all makes sense of what I lived through. And what the psyco babble name is it is way beyond alcoholism and I am outta there and on to the next stage in recovery. They exist. The light is on but no one is home. Bat shit crazy. And dangerous. No more WTF moments for me. The sun will go up and the sun will go down. No contact no matter what. Staying safe. This too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Above, so glad you are out & remain detatched from your pyscho alkie. I'm still on my rollercoaster. Mine has just found out he was successful in an interview, god knows how they couldn't smell alcohol on him as he had been drinking before... Anyway now he is smug, arrogant & "knew he would get it" etc etc. Because I have spent so much time sorting bills out & been so careful with what I spend somehow I have managed to get us just about squeezing through. So with him working & money coming in from him it will be like he was never out of work. I have mixed feelings about him starting work: 1) if this job does mean that he no longer drinks in the day his dodgy liver may improve and I go back to being trapped with a heavy drinking, paranoid and arrogant bloke. 2) he starts drinking every day about 7am so how can that behaviour stop in 3 days time... 3) is his liver on way out anyway & no new employer would allow a new person to have time off for medical appointments for alcohol related issues. 4) he'll never last anyway. 5) at least if he is out of the house I have the opportunity to get my stuff out. This is all so tiring.... Allegedly he will make tomorrow and Monday "clean days". But right now (uk sat 08:30hrs) he has been drinking since 6am and now watching endless youtube clips of how engines work, chainsaws & Sooty & Sweep!! I'll make the right decision one day.

anonymous said...

I will write a book about my experience and create a movie. The President of our country should sign this book. I am an alcoholic by depression. I have had to get rid of all of those around me who keep pointing the finger of blame at everyone but themselves. You will now then understand a deep version of MY struggle. I made a huge mistake in letting such people back into my life but now I know I was dealing with idiots. Therefore, alcoholics are a creation of an overall evil. My publication will detail this.