Tuesday, March 5, 2013

They don't have to die...

Since I started this blog, a few years back, I get contacted by people who need or want me to donate to one thing or another all the time. I don’t have the funds to give to everyone who sends me a sweet e-mail. Heck, I have trouble getting donations for my own endeavors, so unless it is something I just can’t resist, I always pass.

A couple of days ago, I got one of those e-mails. The first sentence was “I need your help in fundraising.” I thought – Oh here we go again. But as I read, I realized this isn’t just an opportunity to help a deserving organization, it’s an opportunity for me as well. Not to mention that what was offered sounded like a really, really FUN thing to do. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to just do something outside the box for fun.
Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center in Los Angeles has seen addicts through the recovery process many times. Celebrities have passed through their doors as well as homeless, uninsured people in desperate need of help. Everyone receives a “hand-up” out of the insanity.
I’ve been stomping on my soap box for a long time that rehab centers should be required to do some kind of “pro bono” rehabs. When I found out that the proceeds of this event will be used to pay for rehab treatment for those who could not get it otherwise – well – I was ALL on board. Although the program will focus on the younger addict, it also covers adults. That was even better. Who knows... maybe if this had been available to my son, he might still be alive today.

The event is the Hollywood and Vine Musical Extravaganza and will held on June 2nd at Club Avalon. There will be many celebrities performers such as the guitarist, Mike Pinera who was a member of the Blues Image Band who had the hit in the 1970’s “Ride Captain Ride”. He was also a member of Iron Butterfly and Alice Cooper.  Members of both groups are on the agenda to perform. If that’s too “old school” for you how about Nick Hawk? Or the Chris Weaver Band? On a more folksy side there’s Ollin Band. The key note speaker will be Craig S. Strong and the cast of Celebrity Rehab.
This event has the potential of making a huge difference for so many people. Unfortunately, it can’t happen without help from others to meet the expenses. Oh! There’s that ugly word again – expenses and here’s another – fundraising. Everyone’s help is needed. Every dollar will count. I’m asking you to part with at least one dollar to help the show to go on. One dollar. 100 cents. That’s less than the cost of your morning sausage biscuit. Of course, more money -- $5 or $10 or $1000 is all welcome.

There is no official website yet – but one is coming soon. On the funding site there is a link to Dr. Montgomery and information about the Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center. Click the link below to go to the events funding page and make your donation. The life saved could that of your child, niece, nephew or a complete stranger.
What’s in it for Linda Jane Riley? My work will be front and center receiving recognition and exposure to the public. My hope is that it will draw people to the blog, encourage people to join the OARS F&F Group, and help with raising funds to keep the support groups going and growing. This could be the a huge step in making OARS F&F Group into a non-profit organization with real live meetings across the country. Making a donation to the musical event, in the long run, could actually be a donation to my endeavors.
Oh! And let's not forget how much fun it will be for me to walk down that red carpet which is something a little old lady like me never dreamed would happen in a million years!


Will said...

Love your blog! I've been doing a lot of research into alcohol rehab and addiction and I've found your article to be really helpful, thank you!

Carrie said...

I have so much I want to share about the dynamics of having alcoholic parents. I am 40 years old and my twin sis still doesn't like me to "label" alcoholics. My brother is dysfunctional in the same way my dad is in that he ignores me for who knows why. And yes my dad is OCD, beer makes him "relax" but he also drives that way. He is very controlling, and I think this is the sin-nature because we are all lost sinners without the grace of Jesus. Yes, but functioning and living with these alcoholics as I grew up did cause me extra chaos and embarrasment as a child....to me they reeked of alcohol, even in high school someone said I smell like alcohol...the whole house smelled of it. But my parents held jobs and passed out every night by 7:30. Emotionally they weren't there for me and still aren't. It is very hard to build a life, but I am letting the Lord build my life for me. My dad told me a year and a half ago I am not invited over and they've held that up for all holidays and such. My parents sort of take care of each other in their alcoholism...their house is still clean although I've seen my mother many, many times lying in the middle of the floor. They still make a big deal out of Christmas gifts, but it feels empty to me, that's why I have turned to Jesus and the Bible to fill my heart. I really need to write and connect with other people who deal with alcoholics...at this point I am just leaving them alone, they don't admit there is a problem, although I've been aware of it since I was nine years old. This causes me a lot of pain, but all sin causes others pain and I hope to be an encouragment in my life to others and not hurt others. Thanks for letting me share.