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Monday, November 24, 2014

Escape from this medical desert

Quick UPDATE!!

Living in a Medical Desert means there is no staff at any of the local home health care agencies to assist me in providing care for Riley. We are considering a move to a more metropolitan area, such as Hampton Roads Virginia near the Hampton VA Medical Center. I have begun what I think will be a FUN fundraiser -- an auction. The items up for bid will be posted on the Facebook page "Escape from Medical Desert" with the payments made through Give Forward fund raising site.

Currently up for bid are some scarves that I made while waiting while Riley was getting treatment; a resume package (I'm told mine are real winners!); and -- the MOST FUN of ALL -- I'm accepting a challenge to SHAVE MY HEAD if the challenge reaches a certain dollar amount.

People can donate cash; participate in the auction; and/or donate items for the auction. Check us out and see how we are doing:

FACEBOOK PAGE (to see the goodies and place a bid):

Give Forward (to make a donation or pay for your purchase):

Help me stay sane while helping Riley get cancer treatment!

Thank you --

Linda (The Immortal Alcoholic's Wife)

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