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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rest in peace Doc

Way back in 2010 I received a comment on a post from a woman named Gerry. She had a blog that included videos of her and her friend Doc. The videos were very entertaining and Riley and I watched them together over our morning coffee. Doc was a true “character”. He was a
self-professed alcoholic with no intention of stopping. His attitude towards drinking reminded me of Riley and Riley related to Doc’s posts.

Riley was drinking beer only during that time but his beer consumption was about 15 cans a day. Of course, his drinking increased to nearly a “handle” (the very large bottle) of vodka a day. It was after that in 2012 when he had a heart attack and was put into hospice. He was not expected to live, but in his immortal style – he made it through.

Doc, on the other hand, entered into hospice and died within hours of signing the hospice papers. Doc was not immortal and I believe he had no desire to be immortal. I could be wrong, but that was the way it seemed to me. I remember a post where Doc states that he's decided to leave his body to science.

Gerry and Doc had a unique relationship. They were companions who lived in the same apartment complex. You can see in the videos that they simply enjoyed each other’s company. They both shared a high level of knowledge and intelligence. They were quirky, fun and often made me go “hummmm…” when listening to their points of view.

Doc has gone on to that piano bar in heaven where he is surely singing and acting out to entertain other alcoholics who have lost the fight. I imagine him quoting from obscure books and telling outlandish stories – most of which will be true. 

I will miss him as will many people who have followed him with Gerry on her blog. I know for a fact that Gerry will miss their friendly banter and discussions on such things as cleanliness, politics and other matters. You can see his last video and a video tribute here: http://gerry-daughters-of-the-shadow-men-ii.blogspot.com/ .

Rest in peace, Doc… Thank you for the hours of entertainment. And thank you for donating the shell of your soul to help us better understand the biological complications of alcoholism. I can almost hear you saying "I didn't need it anymore, so what the hell -- let 'em have it so maybe they might learn something."

By the way... Be sure to visit Amazon.com to find Gerry's book Daughters of the Shadow Men: A Memoir. Great writing, Gerry!

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Gerry said...

Thank you so much, Linda, for this tribute to Doc on his passing from this life. I must say that an hour after I got him to sign the papers for hospice with him even joking with the hospice nurse ("I am so glad to see you I would like to give you a kiss!") She said, not until you sign these papers. After he signed she said now about that kiss, but his strength was gone! I went down an hour later and he was gasping. He managed to take my hand very briefly. And slowly stopped breathing. I thought well, that was a dramatic ending if I ever saw one. Whatever he was he had the nature of a grand stand player. I used to talk to him longingly about the hereafter where I am sure there is no alcohol. I would like to have seen this man sober for a while. He was born gifted in so many different ways, which why it was so hard for me to understand why he had let alcohol get such a grip on him. I never saw him sober longer than three days after he came home from rehab in the nine years I knew him, but he died sober, because he detoxed himself after he got too weak to go to the store after his alcohol. And he sounded so lucid. It was a gift. Best to you Gerry