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Sunday, January 10, 2016

My respite get-away

Day One

I arrived at TownPlace Suites by Marriott and checked into my “studio” suite. The space felt clean and fresh. The bed was covered with a pristine white coverlet over the cleanest sheets I’ve ever seen or smelled. There was a kitchenette that was completely stocked with everything I would need to prepare a full meal even if I didn’t plan on doing so.

After unpacking my toothbrush, I settled down on the bed that seemed to have been created just for me. I was in heaven and fell to sleep before I knew it. I awoke
from the sound of my phone. A friend who lives nearby was asking if I wanted to go get some dinner. We decided on Texas Roadhouse which was directly across from the hotel.

As always the food was delicious and the service was good. But the pounding of the country music was so loud that we couldn’t hear ourselves talking. We finished quickly and went back to the room for some “girl talk.” I lay on the bed while my friend sat on the sofa. I fell asleep during our conversation and she quietly left to go home.

I slept well but would wake up during the night thinking I had heard Riley calling me from his room. The sound from the parking lot was also intrusive. Each time a car alarm beeped to indicate that it had been set, my body reacted. I was so used to listening for people coming in and out of the driveway that I wasn’t able to turn off the reaction.

Day Two

The hotel served a continental plus sausage and eggs in the “café” room near the lobby. I ventured down to take a look. Hmmm… orange juice – awesome; sausage – makes me happy; the eggs resembled something akin to hockey pucks painted with a yellow spot on them. They were cold and unappetizing. I thought I’d open cover to find scrambled eggs – but no – they were fried. I passed on that and returned to the privacy of my room.

Later that day I went to Whole Foods where I loaded up on already prepared foods that would only involve a tiny amount of prep. That would be my dinner and snacks for the next couple of days. Went back to the room and promptly fell asleep.

Day Three

I went nowhere today and slept through the entire day waking only long enough to grab something from the kitchen. It felt so good to not have to go anywhere or take care of anyone. There was no soiled underwear to change, no laundry to wash, no meal to cook, no going to Riley’s room because he dropped his remote control on the floor, and no shooing the dogs off his bed where he was feeding them his meal. It was just me and I was enjoying the fact that I had no one else to attend to.

Day Four

Today I met my friend for breakfast at one of her favorite restaurants – FoodCraft. The French toast was awesome and the coffee was wonderful. After breakfast, my friend went to work and I went to Fresh Market where I renewed my deli, snacks, and treats for the rest of my stay.

This day went much the same as the other days – snacking, sleeping, bubble bath, and then more sleeping.

Day Five

Riley would return home from respite today, so I got up, packed and checked out. On the drive home, I felt rested and ready to take on what I knew would be ahead. Riley would be discharged from hospice and I would lose the aide that came on an almost daily basis. I would be on my own to deal with everything associated to caring for a person unable to attend to his own needs.

I want to thank everyone who donated and made my respite get-away a reality. Without you, I could not have had the rest and relaxation that I desperately needed. You are special to me.


Brett TD said...

So glad your getaway was restful. I'm sure you needed all that sleep.

DanAmongstMen said...

If ever a respite was needed! Glad you could get away, if only for a short while.

Audra O said...

You are amazing! I'm listening to your vlog on YouTube tonight and crying at the thought of how tasked you are with Riley's care. God Bless - your spirit is amazing.