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Friday, February 19, 2016

Advertising standards

I received a comment that I did not publish and I want to explain why. The comment was from a recovery center and it contained a e-mail link to a representative of the facility. I checked their website and it looks like a wonderful place to get sober. However, I did not find a lot of information on what they can do for the family. It says they provide an “education” for the family, but they don’t elaborate other than to help prevent relapse. In all fairness, they are a rehab/recovery center and they treat addicts and alcoholics. The family is not their primary client. I get that.

There is very little advertising on my blog. I tried it once and it seemed that the pop-ups just cluttered up my format. I don’t charge a fee for being mentioned,
guest posting or promotions. Every entity that is referenced on the blog has been researched to make sure it is appropriate for my subject matter. That can take many different forms.

For example, there is a tax service in the side-bar of the blog. I have personally used their services to help me in a situation that was created by my alcoholic husband. It is relevant to anyone who has been in that dilemma. The employees of the service are non-judgmental and are not critical. They are there to help you and they do just that. So the service is posted for the benefit of my readers.

My blog was intended for the people who are caretaking an alcoholic or simply have an alcoholic in their life. My readers are doing their best just to survive the chaos of being involved with an alcoholic. Many of them are beaten down and hanging on by their thumbnails just to get through each day. They are seeking support, information, and sometimes a little humor to break a completely awful day.

Each day my readers are faced with decisions and choices that other people could not possibly understand. There are no recovery facilities just for people like my readers. Unfortunately. If I had the funds I would start one of my own, but alas the piggy bank is broken. Maybe a deep pocket investor will read this and think it’s a good idea.

Anyway, I just wanted to make it clear that while alcoholics are welcome, my goal is to help the people who are considered to be collateral damage. The forgotten ones who have forgotten how to live a life in spite of the alcoholic, they are my readers.

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