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Monday, April 2, 2018

A bit about Cirrhosis

Now available for public speaking on surviving the chaos of alcoholism as a spouse or family member. Also explanations of the diseases of alcoholism from an ordinary person's point of view. E-mail at LindaWrites@live.com or ImmortalAlcoholic@gmail.com.


gina76 said...

My friend has been drinking for 20 years but the last 10 years has gotten worst. In fact,he pretty much drink all day now. I know he's sick but he doesn't want to get help. It started with a high blood pressure,anemia then he became diabetic 6 years ago and last year his blood results for AST was at 130 and ALT was 220. His white blood cell count was also low and he always have stomach pain and to mention he's loosing a lot of hair and always itchy. Can all these be a sign of cirrhosis of the liver?

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how your trip went and how you are adapting to your new single life. It is an adjustment to find normalcy again. Now you have a lot of time to think - this can be good or bad! Anyway, welcome back. You've been missed.