Stages of an Alcoholic Life

AA teaches that there are no levels or stages of alcoholism. Alcoholism is alcoholism and drunk is drunk. I don’t agree with that analogy. It is my experience there has been definite advancements within my alcoholics drinking life. This is how I see it:
STAGE ONE – It’s just a few beers and a football game.
You wouldn’t recognize an alcoholic in this stage. One might see a person just having a good time. He is still able to get to work on time, do a good job and meet daily responsibilities. But when the weekend comes, there’s always a reason to drink – SuperBowl, New Year’s Eve, Barbeque, Graduation, Birthday parties… there’s always something going on involving alcohol. It doesn’t appear to be so bad because he’s a family man and he is always there for his wife and kids.
STAGE TWO – It’s five o’clock somewhere.
Drinking has progressed now to happy hours after...

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