Thursday, November 19, 2020

Rest In Peace

 I wanted to revive this blog. I wanted to come back to it and post about life after having spend 30+ years in the insanityt of alcohol.

That's not going to happen.

For those of you who are just discovering this blog and are finding it worthwhile, I encourage to purchase my books and watch for new ones on the market. I also encourage you to find other blogs who address the needs of the collaterally damaged. They are out there. There are a lot of them.

I encourage you to get professional counseling, go to AL-Anon or find support anywhere that you can.

As for me... keeping this blog up and running simply keeps me tied to a past that I want to leave in the past. It's time for me to grow and move on. And I mean move on completely out of the alcoholism workd.

I'll post a resource page sometime over the weekend. As of December 1st, 2020 this blog will be completely taken down from the internet.

Rest in Peace

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Oct. 19, 2010 - Dec. 1st 2020


ADDY said...

There is a life after alcoholism. It's just different. But even after ten years away from it, it still creeps up on me sometimes and makes me wish things had been different back then. Such a waste of a life.

poetryfamilysalad said...

Dear Linda,
Please don't go.
You can live your new life, you can embrace the freedom and fresh lease of life you deserve and will cherish and be nourished by.
But the past cannot be undone, nor should we ever wish it that way, and since you have brought so much truth and clarity in a realm of platitudes, I urge you, if you can find a few regular moments, say once a month, to commune with your immortal alcoholic's wife once more to shed more light for those that follow in your wake, not from a place of the past but from wher eyou are right now, I believe you wouold enrich many and in turn be enriched by this communion.
I searched high and low, long and wide in this field and yours were the only words I found that resonated. Thank you for your thoughts and words, your honesty strength and grace.